PT. Suriatel Persada

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4E1s+Eth+30VO is an optical transmission equipment realizing long-haul voice transmission through fiber. Interfaces are 30 FXS/FXO, 4 E1 75 Ohm and 10/100BaseTx Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps on the fiber).
This equipment uses design of ultra large scale integration circuits. The merits include easy installation, fast configuration-operation and no maintenance. Fiber optic module can operate in double fiber or single fiber configuration; FXO/FXS ports must be customized in factory and they depend on application and site placed. This equipment helps to bring all kind communication from customer premises to operator central office. Application bring for this optical equipment are:
analog voice (FXO/FXS ports), data (E1 ports), IP Video (10/100BaseTx port) and others.



• Low cost solution for analog voice and data over fiber.
• Up to 30 FXO ports for connection to PABX or PSTN.
• Up to 30 FXS ports for connection of phones (internet dial-up) or faxes.
• Ethernet port for LAN interconnection.
• Up to 4E1 ports as an option for PABX interconnection or any other E1 leased line services application.
• Single or dual optical configurations available.


Technical Description
Optical Interface:
  • Single Fiber, Central Office: Tx1550nm, Rx 1310nm, Customer site: Tx 1310nm, Rx1550nm.
  • Dual FIber
  • SC/PC Connector
  • Up to 120 Km distance
  • NRZ optical line code
E1 interface:
  • In concordance with ITU-T G.703/G.704
  • Line velocity: 2048 Kbps
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm, connector BNC
Ethernet Interface:
  • 10/100Mbps, half-full duplex, auto sensing
  • Support: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
  • RJ45 connector
Power Supply: 48 VDC or 110 VAC
POTS ports:
FXS ports: ring voltage 57 V, ring frequency 50 Hz, impedance 600 ohm
FXO: ring reception voltage 12 V, ring reception frequency 50 Hz, impedance 600 ohm.